Chakra Balance Flower Essence Blends

Chakra Balance Flower Essence formulas assist to change the cellular structure within our being, shifting and realigning DNA to their soul's purpose. Once all Chakras are opened and spinning in the proper direction, the essences balance the auric field and assist in recognizing what Unconditional Love is and how to maintain that level of consciousness. The formulas works on all levels and brings balance and stability to the individual. They assist in activating star code symbols for the individual to become consciously aware of who they truly are. Alchemical Balancer.

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Ground and Release

This essence combination brings one into a state of relaxation. It brings a magnitude of brilliant Divine white light from the universe and a state of balance to the aura enabling one to shine in ones own light. Old fear patterns from past and present lifetimes are released while creating a place of knowing that all is in Divine Order. Divine knowledge, stored on a cellular level, is unlocked, balanced and tunes one into other dimensions and brings one to a place of ancient knowing. Ground & Release brings balance and stability and assists in activating star code symbols to bring about conscious awareness of who you truly are. Energy blocks in the navel and second Chakra are cleared and unwanted energies from the reproductive areas are transmuted. Focuses on the first, second and third chakra’s.



Divine Love

Working with the Heart Chakra, Divine Love essence combination helps to release abandonment issues and fears of being hurt/abused. Knowing that all Love comes from within and allows one to connect with the Divine Love within themselves, this special blend opens the Heart Chakra. Tuning into the third eye, we help to open the "inner seeing" for the individual, acting as a catalyst to awaken and assist in determining your purpose on this planet.

Divine Love releases old suppressed pain and awakens the heart center to provide an etheric shield of protection keeping unwanted energies away while allowing one to stay centered in the Heart Chakra. Focuses on the fourth, fifth and sixth chakra’s.



Awaken to Spirit

This essence formula is for awakening the Crown Chakra and the Chakra’s above the physical body. Opening and activating the 8th, 9th and 10th Chakras, connecting the individual to their Universal Source.

Awaken to Spirit helps facilitate the connection with one's "Higher Self" while it tunes and balances the higher Source/Power on a higher vibrational plane. Opens the Crown Chakra and helps to clear and balance (on an emotional level) negative thought patterns of self worth and low self esteem. Excellent for light body work and Merkaba travel. Focuses on the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth chakra’s


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